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Tungsten Carbide Manufacturing Process

We press and sinter in our own plant. By making our own carbide we can control the quality, price and delivery schedule. How Cemented Carbides are Made at Yillik. Carbides are made by blending micronsized tungsten carbide particles with Cobalt (or Nickel) powders. This mixture is placed in a mold and compacted to a net or near net shape.

Tungsten carbide burrs

Tungsten carbide burrs High performance tungsten carbide burrs, maximum cutting stability with a simultaneous high tenacity of the cutting edge. Idel for shaping smoothing and material removal, on hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, fired ceramics, plastic, hard wood.

Carbide Systems Inc.

Carbide Systems, Inc. is a full service supplier for engineered Tungsten Carbide products and PCD/CBN grinding wheels. Carbide Systems represents Ceratizit USA and Action Superabrasives. We also are a full service carbide scrap dealer. Carbide Systems offers the largest inventory of carbide rotary tool blanks on the West Coast.

Which is the Best Tungsten Carbide Sharpener Grinder?

Carbide burs, or carbide rotary files, are widely used in different industries today. These grinders (aka sharpeners) are indispensable tools in various fields like engineering, sculpting, woodcarving and more. There are tons of these burs out in the market today, such as the tungsten carbide grinders. With a wide variety to choose from ...

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At Tungsten Affinity we offer an incredible selection of tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten carbide rings come in a variety of shapes and styles, so no matter what your preference we are sure to have the perfect ring for you.

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Tungsten, tungsten carbide, and many related alloys that have either high density or high wear resistance are major contributors to solutions for each of these requirements in …

CPM Chinese tungsten carbide blade leader

CPM specializes in manufacturing all of kinds of tungsten carbide blades. Such as tungsten carbide razor blades, carbide perforator knives, carbide woodworking blades, carbide corrugated cardboard cutting Knives. Meanwhile ,carbide solid rods, carbide button bit, finished carbide rotary burrs are all …

WM Oil

We use genuine, Americanmade tungsten carbide buttons (11% cobalt). We drill deep holes, use long buttons and braze with a generous amount of silver solder (50% sterling silver), resulting in extended product life and superior performance from your slips and pistons.

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We offer Carbide Blanks according to the specifications stated by our clients. These products that we offer are known for longer functional life and are highly efficient. These blanks possess the properties of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and selfsharpening ability and can be availed in the round, rectangle, triangle and other sizes.

Ferobide Weldable Tungsten Carbide Wear Tiles

The unique features of Ferobide closes the gap between conventional tungsten carbide which requires brazing and weldable materials which have a significant lower wear performance. Ferobide is one of the world’s hardest weldable materials. ... Web: Mission Statement.

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Global Tungsten Powders Corp. is a leading global supplier of tungsten carbide for the production of hard material parts. Our tungsten carbide powders are available in a …

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The smarter way to get paid. Improve your cash flow with Tungsten Network einvoicing. Not part of the Tungsten Network? Discover how our range of einvoicing services can help you at …


TUNGSTEN CARBIDE (WC) is the major ingredient of cemented tungsten carbide and provides the hardness and wear resistance. COBALT (Co) is a binder material that bonds the tungsten carbide particles together and provides ductility and strength to the cemented tungsten carbide.

Tungsten Carbide – Extramet Products

Tungsten carbide is much more resistant when it comes to processing, mixing, and extruding highwear solids. Sheet Metal Shaping and Packaging. Cuttingedge quality scores better. In addition to highquality standard products, EXTRAMET primarily realizes highprecision tools …

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UltraMet is the Leading Independent American Manufacturer of Custom Stock Tungsten Carbide Products. ... Solid Carbide Rod Program Library of Existing Tooling for Product Design and Manufacturing Needs. About UltraMet. Ultramet Carbide Technologies is a worldrenowned maker of custommolded tungsten carbide products, ...

Tungsten/Chromium Carbide Coatings Extreme Coatings

Tungsten carbide with a Vickers number of 17002400 (85 HRC equivalent) is composed of 90% carbide particles by weight, 80% by volume. Most standard wear resistant alloys contain a maximum of 35% by volume of softer chromium carbide.

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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten Carbide A very versatile seal face like Silicon Carbide. It is very hard like silicon carbide however it is very heavy to the touch, making it easy to distinguish from silicon carbide.

Tungsten Carbide Ring for Mechanical Seal

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound comprising equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. Basically, Tungsten carbide is a powder of grey color, but by pressing it can be given several shapes for utilization in cutting tools, abrasives, industrial machinery, armorpiercing rounds, other instruments and tools, and jewelry.

Tungsten Carbide Grades – Extramet Products

Tungsten carbide is a homogenous mixture of tungsten carbide grains in a tough cobalt binder matrix. The carbide grains are fused into a solid matrix of cobalt metals. The metal carbide’s grains are “cemented” in the binder metal’s matrix.

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Tungsten is also often combined with other metals, such as steel, to change its mechanical properties and make the material stronger. Tungsten carbide, an alloy of tungsten and carbon, is an extremely durable, conductive metal with a high melting point that is easy to shape and combine with other metals.

Carbide Burr Die Grinder Bits Made in USA Fast Shipping

Carbide Burr Die Grinder Bits Made in USA. We manufacture and specialize in carbide burr die grinder bits, all made right here in USA. Tungsten carbide burrs can be used on most hard materials including steel, aluminum and cast iron, all types of stone, ceramic, porcelain, hard wood, acrylics, fibreglass and reinforced plastics.

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Tungsten Carbide Powders. Titan also is a leader in the market for Tungsten Carbide Powders. Titan’s Tungsten Carbide powder is derived from tungsten carbide solids. All of our powder is low iron, and sure to elevate your manufacturing capabilities. Give Titan a try today!

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CHINA BESEEM TUNGSTEN MATERIAL CO., LTD.() ,Since the foundation of BESEEM, totally supplied 16000 tons tungsten products to the market at home and abroad, which including Japan,USA, Europe, Korea, India etc other countries and areas, consumers extend from thefield of mechanical, electrical, chemical, medical , spaceflight, war industry and steel industry to the field of ...

Tungsten Carbide Buttons Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter

Tungsten Carbide Buttons are the main part for roller bit, also the main factor for drilling rate. When the working of roller bit, it is the normal problem that tungsten carbide buttons ’ broken. Therefore, we need improve on buttons for enhancing the break rock rate and extending the buttons life.

Tungsten Carbide ThomasNet

Tungsten Carbide manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. The comprehensive directory provides access to full contact and ability information for sourcing professionals, engineers and researchers wishing to get information on Tungsten Carbide.

Tungsten Carbide Eurobalt Engineering

Eurobalt Engineering manufactures a wide range of finished and semifinished products made of tungsten carbide for its customers. We are always open to new business relationships and ready to give the best offer for tungsten carbide products.

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Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands with Matching Womens Tungsten rings. Affordable Rings for Men with Free Shipping. ... Gold Dragon Lucky 8 Beveled Tungsten Carbide Ring 8mm. Your Price: In Stock Gold Classic Tungsten Carbide Ring 8mm. Your Price: In Stock Odyssey Infinity Tungsten Ring 8mm.

Tungsten Carbide Purcell Farrier Supply

Tungsten Carbide for Horseshoes. The borium (tungsten carbide crystals) is located inside a small piece of copper tubing for either a toe borium or a heel borium puddle, can do four horses.

Best Tungsten Bench Grinder ®

In the welding industry, the usefulness of a tungsten bench grinder is appreciated. Like other types of grinders for tungsten electrodes, it comes with a set of welders acknowledge the convenience it offers when it comes to sharpening, cutting, and grinding tungsten electrodes into a …