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Horticultural perlite is used as a component in soilless growing mixes, a growing medium for rooting cuttings, or as a hydroponic growing media. When growing plants in perlite, be aware that it may cause fluoride burn, which appears as brown tips on houseplants.

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20110429· Hello farmers, I am currently growing in a 50/50 coco perlite mix and I am considering switching over to straight perlite or a 80/20 perlite to coco mix. my questions are:


Perlite makes a great hydroponic planting medium due to its light weight, porosity, and inert nature. What the heck is it? Perlite is made by heating silica (flakes of glass) until it expands (like popcorn).

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Miracle grow is nuted up like a bitch. Hopefully will be fine 5050 mix soil to perlite. Only water with plain water dont use any nute coz marijauna burns easily and people dont call miracle grow …


Perlite for Increasing Humidity Around Plants. Since the average home is extremely dry when the heating system is operating, plant foliage often takes on a scorched look on tips and edges.

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1. Fill a reservoir planting pot with perlite, stopping 1 inch from the top of the pot.

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Perlite is composed of small, lightweight bits of minerals that absorb water into their surface. It is often mixed in with potting soil to both aerate it and help increase its moisture retention. It's best to use perlite when growing plants that don't require a great deal of moisture in the soil

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When growing plants in perlite, be aware that it may cause fluoride burn, which appears as brown tips on houseplants. It also needs to be moistened prior to use to reduce dust. Due to perlite’s large surface area, it is a good choice for plants that require levels of high humidity. Evaporation off its surface area creates higher humidity levels than those of vermiculite.

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20170628· When you open up a bag of commercial potting mix, you expect to see little white specks in it without really questioning why they're there. But what is perlite, really?

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Help prevent soil compaction and promote strong root development with MiracleGro Perlite. Enriched with MiracleGro Plant Food, Perlite improves aeration in potting mixes.

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Perlite And Cannabis Cultivation. Perlite is heattreated volcanic glass. It is used by cannabis growers to improve the quality of the grow medium as it guarantees proper drainage and aeration.

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Perlite, easily recognizable as little white rocks, is both cheap and easy to use, which is why you should reconsider using it to grow your plants.

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Perlite. Perlite is a white light material that has a lot of pores suck up a lot and excellent at retaining dampness. Perlite is usually utilized for cloning and blending with other growing medium, but it can also be utilized on its own.

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This most basic of hydroponic growing methods uses a common planting container filled with peat moss and fortified with perlite. It has the advantages of being the ultimate nobrainer, requiring little or no maintenance for the entire life cycle of your plants – you simply feed it some nutrient solution once or twice a day and watch it ...

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Used by itself or mixed into other mediums, Perlite is one of the best hydroponic growing aggregate’s around. Perlite is commonly used with Vermiculite (a 50/50 mix) to create the perfect balance of oxygen and moisture for your plants roots.

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Benefits of Perlite. Because perlite is a porous substance it offers both excellent water retention and drainage capabilities – both important in hydroponic gardening.

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by Nebula Haze. A common soil amendment for cannabis plant is a substance called perlite. This can be added to soil or coco coir to improve its airholding capabilities and increase overall drainage ability.

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A Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco and Perlite. We grow cannabis in a coco and perlite mix more often than any other growing style. It’s cheap to set up and combines the flexibility of a soil/pot grow with many of the advantages of a hydroponic grow.

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Perlite is truly a multipurpose additive to your plant media, providing lots of benefit with relatively few drawbacks. Whether you grow in containers on your patio, or are starting cuttings indoors under grow lights, you will find it to be a useful addition to your garden shed. It offers superior drainage at a low price and won’t break down. This volcanic popcorn really works!

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Vermiculite, although less aerating than perlite, is the amendment of choice for waterloving plants. Here are other uses for vermiculite: Here are other uses for vermiculite: Add vermiculite to soil for conditioning and lightening either alone or in conjunction with peat or compost.


Check the Hempy bucket threads. Use a 75% perlite and 25% vermiculite. a 50:50 keeps it too wet too long. I burned a plant on FF. Also had MG work fine for me.

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Perlite, those little white balls you see in potting soil mixes or in the pots of plants you buy at the nursery, is a form of volcanic rock that has been subjected to intense heat until it "pops ...

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Say, for example, if you want to grow a cactus and succulents or some other plant that likes it dry perlite would be great to add to the soil.

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a reprint of an article by G. R. Dixon, Department of Horticulture West of Scotland College August 1988. The Clyde Valley of Scotland has been a thriving center …

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20150625· I use 2030% perlite/soil, in any given size pot....I also put a thin layer of vermiculite, close to the bottom of my flowering 10 inch pots. I use a 5 moisture meter to …

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20090725· Hey guys, About to ditch the hydro grow i did last time and moving to a grow using a perlite / vermiculite mix in pots and feeding from about like a normal potted plant lol.

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perlite by itself is an awesome medium to grow in if you do a drip system, you can use perlite (get the chunky stuff) and it'll work great watch your nutrient levels though perlite absorbs nutrients really well, so an occassional flush or decrease in nutrients is neccesarry to avoid nutrient lock. as far as ussing a flood system with ...