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The Features are an American indie rock band from Sparta, Tennessee, United States of America.

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Means of providing benefits to customers. A feature is a distinctive characteristic of a good or service that sets it apart from similar items. Customers, however, want a benefit and do not care much about the features which are touted by every supplier as unique or superior.

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Features definition, a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic: Tall buildings were a new feature on the skyline. See more.

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Features Supreme Court: Google classaction case should be revisited. The Supreme Court is telling a lower court to take another look at a classaction settlement involving Google and privacy ...

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Showcases a variety of Army websites covering special events, acts of valor, history and heritage.

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Your Page; Email Signature; Spotlight Button; Visit My Website; Lead Capture ; Appointment Scheduling ; Connect a Domain ; Customize Search Results

2019 Toyota RAV4 Features

Inspired by Toyota’s offroad heritage, Adventure grade’s distinctive, rugged exterior features an aggressive grille, larger overfenders, unique Adventure roof rails and 19inch fivespoke alloy wheels.

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Registration for local scholarship is open now. 12 500 scholarships are available for eligible graduating high school seniors attending Carroll, Wossman, Neville, River Oaks, St. Frederick and OCS

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Corolla Hatchback features a stunning 8in. multimedia touchscreen command center. Its standard Entune ™ Audio system puts your favorite options at your fingertips with a customizable homepage and App Suite with available Entune ™ Toyota Connected Services. And with features like standard Apple CarPlay ™ support, Scout ® GPS Link compatibility and the available 8speaker, 800 ...

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Garmin Connect has everything you need to see what you’ve done and how you’re doing. Examine the map and stats from your latest activity, view your calendar, track your goals or stay motivated by what your friends are doing – all in one place.

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fea·ture (fē′chər) n. 1. a. Any of the distinct parts of the face, as the eyes, nose, or mouth. b. often features The overall appearance of the face or its parts. 2. A prominent or distinctive part, quality, or characteristic: a feature of one's personality; a feature of the landscape. 3. Linguistics a. A property of linguistic units or forms ...

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Podcast Doug Crowell and Ryan Angulo on the Importance of Kindness (and Salt) The second part of Ed Levine's conversation with Doug Crowell and Ryan Angulo.

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Noun. This year's models include several new safety features. This camera has several features that make it easy to use. The car has some interesting new design features. His plan combines the best features of the earlier proposals. Her eyes are her best feature. Tonight's feature is a new romantic comedy. He starred in his first feature film a year ago.. Verb

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Slack brings all your communication together. Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together.

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See all the new features in Maya 2019 software for 3D computer animation, modeling, and rendering. See new motion graphics, time editor, Bifrost, and XGen features.


Some of your most personal moments are shared on WhatsApp, which is why we built endtoend encryption into the latest versions of our app. When endtoend encrypted, your message

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His red slave's wig is thus made a feature in the characterization. There is one feature of the regulation in question, however, that does pain us.

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Features. Read and use our articles in English and in Spanish which highlight timely and valuable government information. USAGov’s 5 Apps to Download Now


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1. Feature, characteristic, peculiarity refer to a distinctive trait of an individual or of a class. Feature suggests an outstanding or marked property that attracts attention: Complete harmony was a feature of the convention. Characteristic means a distinguishing mark or quality (or one of such) always associated in one's mind with a particular person or thing: Defiance is one of his ...

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feature definition: 1. a typical quality or an important part of something: 2. a part of a building or of an area of land: 3. one of the parts of someone's face that you notice when you look at them: . Learn more.

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Hal Blaine was the drummer for the Wrecking Crew, the session band that played on some of the greatest pop and rock hits of the 1960s and ‘70s

Explore Windows 10 New Updates Features | See What ...

Discover what’s new and see what Windows 10 is like! Explore Windows 10 new updates and features including productivity tools, Bluetooth and WiFi file transferring, and the Continue on PC app.

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You’re in control with Firefox’s easytouse features that protect your privacy and browsing speeds.

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Computing. Feature (CAD), could be a hole, pocket, or notch Feature (computer vision), could be an edge, corner or blob Feature (software design) is an intentional distinguishing characteristic of a software item (in performance, portability, or—especially—functionality) Feature (machine learning), in statistics: individual measurable properties of the phenomena being observed

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The best online survey software features including 80+ advanced and standard question types, survey branching and logic, ready made survey templates, extensive customization and personalized branding, survey scheduling and a lot more!

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Discover why hundreds of millions people use Skype to chat and call every day. Record Skype calls to capture special moments, note key decisions and use live subtitles to read the words that are spoken. No more scrolling through your chat history – just click Gallery under the chat name to see all ...

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fea·ture (fē′chər) n. 1. a. Any of the distinct parts of the face, as the eyes, nose, or mouth. b. often features The overall appearance of the face or its parts. 2. A prominent or distinctive part, quality, or characteristic: a feature of one's personality; a feature of the landscape. 3. Linguistics a. A property of linguistic units or forms ...

2019 Toyota Sienna Features

Explore the many features that the Toyota Sienna has to offer, from up to 8passenger seating capacity to allwheel drive. The Toyota Sienna, engineered for fun.