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Engineers and other professionals use gradiometers to measure the difference between readings from dual magnetometers. Because the gradiometer’s result describes the rate of change in magnetic energy, it’s easy to assume both meters measure the same thing.

MagDrone R3 SENSYS Magnetometer

The MagDrone R3 is a ultra portable magnetometer survey kit to be attached to any UAV / drone with a minimum payload of 1kg. The kit consists of an ultra light weight sensor tube with two builtin 3axis Fluxgates, a 1button data logger with internal SD card, rechargeable batteries and an integrated GPS.

Geometrics Cesium Vapor Gradiometer

Geometrics 858 is a cesium vapor gradiometer with two sensors for added sensitivity.

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A magnetometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the strength and/or direction of the magnetic field in the vicinity of the instrument. Magnetism varies from place to place and differences in Earth's magnetic field (the magnetosphere) can be caused by the differing nature of rocks and...

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SGL High Resolution Magnetic Gradiometer Surveys

Sander Geophysics offers low level magnetic gradiometer surveys of very high resolution and accuracy. The gradiometers use two cesium magnetometers with a fixed separation to measure the earth's vertical and/or horizontal magnetic gradient. Total magnetic field …

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Home » Products » Magnetometers » G824A Cesium Magnetometer; G824A Cesium Magnetometer. Geometrics introduces the new G824A SupremaC Cesium Vapor magnetometer with an ultrahigh sensitivity of 350 fT/√Hz RMS sensitivity and ultra high sample rates up to 1000 Hz.

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Magnetometers can be setup as single sensor towed systems or configured as transverse gradiometers. Geometrics G882 SX Marine Magnetometer Geometrics G882TVG Cesium Magnetometer Transverse Gradiometer

Geometrics G856AX Proton Magnetometer GeoResults

The Geometrics G856AX has been superseded by the Geometrics G857 Proton Magnetometer, available here. The Geometrics G856 provides a reliable, low cost solution for a variety of magnetic search and mapping applications.

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The G858 MagMapper is a high sensitivity, fastsampling ‘walking’ magnetometer. Its console includes a graphical interface that makes survey design and data review simple and efficient.

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The ACT Technology Database is a continuously updated catalogue of instrumentation used for coastal and ocean science and observations, designed to help …

G880 Cesium Marine Deep Tow Magn etometer Oceanscan

G880 Cesium Marine Deep Tow Magn etometer High Resolution Marine Magnetics Ž Sensitivity nT at 10 Samples per Second – Remotely programmable Ž Multisensor Gradiometer Arrays f or Precise Search or Diurnal Corrected Total Field Ž Quick Connect Integration to Sidescan Sonar Systems with Simultaneous Data Display Ž Tow Cable Lengths to 500M or 6Km with telemetry. Digital Data ...

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Alkali vapor optically pumped magnetometers use alkali metals including Cesium, Potassium or Rubidium. The cell containing the metal must be continuously heated to approximately 45 to 55 degrees Celsius to render the metal in gaseous form.

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G882 TVG Cesium Magnetometer Transverse Gradiometer (GEOMETRICS) Description The GEOMETRICS G882 Marine Magnetometer is the ideal tool for detection and mapping all sizes of ferrous objects,such as anchors, cables, pipelines, munition (UXO), etc.


The Scintrex ENVI Cs Cesium Vapour magnetometer is the next advancement in magnetometers using the latest hardware available. It takes the well proven predecessor the ENVI MAG and modernizes it with today’s technology.

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Gemetrics Model G858 Cesium Magnetometer with one sensor. Geometrics Model G858G Cesium Gradiometer with two sensors. Geometrics G856AX Proton Magnetometer with one sensor.


G858 MagMapper – Portable Cesium magnetometer for mining, oil/gas, utilities, UXO, archaeology, environmental surveys: High performance Cesium vapor magnetometer Very high sensitivity nT and sample speed up to 10 per second.

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The GSMP series of magnetometers have the absolute maximum in data quality – exceeding that of conventional Cesium Magnetometer devices by an orderofmagnitude, or more! Data quality is driven by sensitivity, minimal heading error, high absolute accuracy, no microphony, and overall design. Unlike its cesium magnetometer cousin, Potassium offers a thin spectral line of operation – meaning ...

GSM19 Overhauser Magnetometer/Gradiometer System

This is a problem that is a magnitude worse for cesium magnetometers. The Overhauser technique allows design of an optional sensor completely free of this problem, a sensor that requires no orientation no matter what the latitude of your exploration.

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Magnetometers Gradiometers Application Overview Magnetometer and Gradiometer Ground Solutions Rugged Overhauser Magnetometer GSM19 GEM Systems, Canada Proton Precession Magnetormeter GSM19T GEM Systems, Canada Ultra Sensitive Potassium Magnetometer GSMP35/40 GEM Systems, Canada Portable Ground VLF System

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Geometrics G882TVG Cesium Magnetometer Transverse Gradiometer – Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology. The Geometrics Model G882TVG Transverse Gradiometer system mates the well proven high performance cesium sensor with dualhigh sensitivity and high speed CM221 Larmor Counters.

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Magnetic survey is one of a number of methods used in archaeological geophysics. Magnetic surveys record spatial variation in the Earth's magnetic field. In Magnetic surveys record spatial variation in the Earth's magnetic field.

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The ENVI Cs Cesium Vapour magnetometer is the next advancement in magnetometers using the latest hardware available. The ENVI Cs is a continuous reading magnetometer with high sensitivity with integrated navigational GPS and a versatile design that offers …

GSM19 Overhauser Magnetometer / Gradiometer / VLF

The GSM19 Overhauser instrument is the total field magnetometer / gradiometer of choice in today's earth science environment representing a unique blend of physics, data quality, operational efficiency, system design and options that clearly differentiate it from other quantum magnetometers.


G882TVG CESIUM MAGNETOMETER TRANSVERSE GRADIOMETER • Marine Search Applications for UXO, pipelines, lost objects with MultiSensor Array Capability

Potassium Magnetometer/Gradiometer Gem Systems

The Potassium is the industry’s most sensitive portable optically pumped vapor magnetometer. Our Potassium offers data quality and is the only commercially available magnetometer that breaks the 3pT level of sensitivity.

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A magnetometer or magnetic sensor is an instrument that measures magnetism—either the magnetization of a magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or the direction, strength, or relative change of a magnetic field at a particular location.

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Ground Magnetometer and Gradiometer Solutions. Ground geophysics continues to play a key role in subsurface explorations in a variety of fields.